Hi my Name is Jose Velez . I started in music back in 1989 with an Electric Guitar.

I did 2 bachelor degree one in music performer (Classic Guitar) and one in music education.

I started music technology when the first computer arrive at my Dad & Mom house back in 1997

with windows 95.


Now, I’m runinng JV CreaZion Studio , I’m Mixing Engineer, Loop Community Producer ,

Composer, Musician & a teacher at your service .

I work with two DAWs (digital audio workstation)

Studio One from Presonus & Reason 11 from Reason studios

I use Reason 11 for music productions , recording, main ideas,

virtual instruments and Effects.

I use Studio One For mixing and mastering.


So together let release that sound that is inside of you ,

that is unique to the world! Release a new sound!

Thanks so much and I can’t wait to meet you & help you.

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